We live in a country where politics seem to be the order of the day. Like we have talk shows discussing political alienation the whole day. Let’s be honest with each other the media is feeding us nonsense. It’s a sad story about how our public health facilities are managed. I think being a representative is a calling to serve the people not going there to get rich. Sometimes I wonder what is the main purpose of attending schools if we are still tribal. ๐Ÿ˜‚I think we need more gumbaru centers not early childhood development schools.. I always respect everyone’s political decision so don’t judge me for expressing thoughts and feelings. Please the media feed people educative messages , development plans. They have even the audacity to feed us fake news. Apologize for abusing my intelligence please. Sport news are just shown in briefs ๐Ÿ˜‚. A bursary function was broadcasted live on one of the vernacular tv stations ๐Ÿ˜‚.. political topics are discussed early morning in the radio stations. Guys let me be honest with you there’s a job opportunity in being a political analyst.. ๐Ÿ˜‚this people are always talking on tvs and radios. Let’s talk about cancer. Let’s have topics on how the boy child has been neglected. The state of public hospitals. Healthy diets. Entrepreneurship and development of local industries. Let’s stop idolising this politicians like they provide food for everyone who voted for them..To the media create good documentaries . Go learn from Al-Jazeera.. I even don’t know all tribes in Kenya at least educate me.. I keep asking myself why the number of youths who turnout to vote is so low.



Should I speak about reality . The sad truth about things.

Beib this is me asking for a breakup. You are like words that sound the same but with a different meaning. Am not trying to demean your ego or abuse you in anyway. I didn’t say you are a homophone. Let me not talk about your ego or your attitude towards things.

I won’t say loving you was a task but I truly love every piece of you.You are something sour or bitter. I didn’t call you an acid in any way. Sadly you are the dark area in my mind I can’t be able to see the light. I didn’t say you are a shadow.I forgot to say that you are a like a free floating tropical tree, I can’t swim. I didn’t say you are a water hyacinth.

Let me define you with something better
a wild plant growing where it is not wanted and in competition with cultivated plants. This happens to also mean a weed..

I gave my best, dedicated my time. I won’t talk about the good deeds I have done because I was wrong at times. I don’t want you to reflect on your bad side you were good at times. I fell in love with the girl in the pictures but not the girl in reality. This is why I was talking about homophones. I love you and I will always be there for you as a friend not a lover. โค


We have different definitions of culture. To some it’s the way of life of a community and to some they may define it as the social behavior of a particular society. Some may have meaning. They might show your roots, language and traditions. The main purpose of going to school is to gain intellectual knowledge. School helps to gain knowledge that helps us in life.. First of all I do respect people’s beliefs . Everyone beliefs in something but you have to respect that .. But let’s be honest with ourselves some cultural beliefs are pretty much stupid. In China girls subject themselves to pain so as not to grow a bigger foot. How can one define beauty as a lady with smaller feet. ๐Ÿ˜‚. This cultural beliefs were they meant to make women feel like the inferior human race. Some of the outrageous things we here of are mostly done to women. Let’s also talk about female genital mutilation.

Does this really reduce prostitution. Women in Swaziland are paraded naked infront of the king. Some traditions are meant to treat women as slaves . Traditions and culture dictate that men are the superior beings. To some a woman can not give an opinion about an issue . So what was the main purpose of going to school?
Why should women be treated as baby machines….


Dear love,
I didn’t have a better way to express my feelings towards you in a better way so I thought of writing you a letter.
They say the sweetest voice is from a woman you love.
Your voice is airy mezzo. The words you utter just sink into my ears. Your lips are rossy๐ŸŒน and all I think about is how to kiss them. Your smile blends well with your black coffee gums. Your skin tone is mesmerizing.

I wish I could make strides towards your heart as how you walk gracefully and confidently.
Did I say you are a summary of a good day. I can’t see any flaws in you.. They say love is blind. I term you as the best thing a woman should be. I can look at your hooded eyes all day and try to know all about you.
Some may not see you as perfect but to me you are โ˜บ.
I love you is an understatement I adore you ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™


So a drug is any substance that changes the normal functioning of a body. So let’s talk about the choices we make when intoxicated. So Uganda our neighbouring country happens to party from Monday to Monday . If you didn’t know drunkards are the most honest people ๐Ÿ˜… they just speak out. Sometimes I think the East Africa breweries limited is located in the wrong country. So a choice is any decision one makes.. So this country uses 20million condoms in a month. Do they live by the **hard* choices they make . Am not trying to be judgemental. We have listened to a song by Jamie Foxx and T-pain _blame it_( on the alcohol). So guys let’s honestly speak about this choices we make. “Baby I cheated but I was drunk. I didn’t want to sleep with your friend but it just happened, ” sayings of an irresponsible drunkard . Am not saying the use of any drug is wrong we all need to loosen up at some point . But responsibility is whereby you have control. Don’t come up with silly excuses like am a drunkard or I was high . Use the small percentage of your brain that is functioning to make a better a choice.


So interesting am a poet who keeps giving you blank verses no rhymes.. I may not be referred to as a poet monster. I will just use simple English. There might be mistakes .

I might not know everything, remember am also a learner to this foreign language. I may not give you answers of your questions.

What i say some people think am broken. Don’t redefine me. I love opinions we all have one. We can join forces don’t be silent we can share both of our feelings. May be what I can sincerely ask from you is believe. What I share is a piece of me . It’s an expression of who I think I am.

It takes courage to share.. Time to write. I know something’s we can’t both relate. Never hide from reality of things. We have people dealing with mental pain or physiological pains so we can’t both relate or understand pain or how to deal with it.

Thanks for the support to the selected non-judgemental friends I have and share stuff. โคIssues and topics you can always send them to me.. Blog posts are on the way. Beautiful pieces which I have I will soon share. Thanks for your time